Peace Country Western Dance Club

Social Dances, Workshops & Teacher’s Assistants

Dance is fun!

Everyone wants to move when they hear a good song. With lessons you can gain the confidence to step on to the dance floor at weddings or an evening out. You’ll have more fun and look great while doing it.

With our Social Dances, students get a chance to put some of your newly learned moves into practice and are a fun, no stress night of dancing and socializing, mingling and moving.

Due to our so-short summer season, social dances are only held from September through to May of each year.

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Social dances are for our students and volunteers (Teaching Assistants) and open to the public. The dances will have a fee of $5 per person. Unlike previous social dance events no snacks or bar service will be available at this time. 

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2021 - 2022 Social Dance Dates


Thursday, 26 May 2022
7pm – 9:30pm at The Golden Age Centre.
All students/members are welcome!

Teacher's Assistant Schedule

Even our TAs need to hone their skills, so these times are for the Teacher’s Assistants only. TA classes start at 7:00 pm on Thursday nights within the following time frames:

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