Lesson fees are $55 per session plus a one-time annual membership fee of $10 per person.
(One session = 6 consecutive Tuesday night, one-hour dance classes.)

Shoes must be worn for dance classes – let’s remember dancing involves learning to place our feet in sync with another person which doesn’t always go well in the beginning. Your shoes must be clean; no outdoor wear is allowed. Clean shoes protect our lovely hardwood dance floor. Also we recommend a smooth sole and a closed toe.

PCWDC is environmentally conscious, and we encourage each of you to bring a water bottle. Learning to dance is thirsty work!

Dancing is a great way to get & stay healthy. In fact it’s a great workout. Remember to wear comfortable and cool clothing.

Parking is reserved for seniors in front of the building – please be kind & use the other stalls.


Feel free to reach us for further information

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